Headquartered outside of Philadelphia with offices in New Jersey and Virginia, GST provides engineering services and information technology support to Government and private sector customers. Core capabilities include systems engineering, Research & Development (R&D), Test & Evaluation (T&E), Human Factors (HF) engineering, Configuration Management (CM) and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS).
  • Systems

    GST provides systems engineering, design review, development specification, modeling/simulation, configuration management, and logistics support under our Professional Engineering and Logistic Support Services contract with TSA.

  • Test and
    Evaluation (T&E)

    One of GST’s core competencies and most diversified technical areas. GST supports all aspects of testing; from Master Test Plans through developmental, operational, and certification testing of new systems; to verification and validation of work done by other contractors.

  • Information

    GST provides Information Technology and Information Control services to multiple Government agencies. These include network management, hardware management and maintenance, development of databases, SharePoint sites, and custom computer applications.