GST’s Engineering and IT Services

GST has been offering services to DHS, TSA, Navy, Army and Air Force in the following areas over three decades. Headquartered outside of Philadelphia with offices in New Jersey and Virginia.

  • Systems Engineering

    Systems Engineering

    GST provides systems engineering, design review, development specification, modeling/simulation, configuration management, an...

  • Research and Development (R&D)

    Research and Development (R&D)

    The opening of the FAA Aviation Security Laboratory in 1993 was the beginning of GST's decades long contribution to the scien...

  • Test & Evaluation (T&E)

    Test & Evaluation (T&E)

    Test & Evaluation (T&E) is one of GST’s core competencies and most diversified technical areas. GST supports all as...

  • Human Factors Engineering (HFE)

    Human Factors Engineering (HFE)

    GST provides life cycle logistic support and hardware/software configuration management planning and control for all the ...

  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

    Integrated Logistic Support (ILS)

    GST provides comprehensive integrated logistics support services including acquisition logistics, sustainment logistics, logi...

  • Baggage Handling Systems (BHS)

    Baggage Handling Systems (BHS)

    GST has a triple role in support of TSAs management of Baggage & Passenger screening.

    GST provides field technical s...

  • Cybersecurity


    GST provides cybersecurity support of Transportation Security Equipment (TSE) through the Security Technology I...

  • Explosive Simulants & Test Articles

    Explosive Simulants & Test Articles

    At the DHS Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL), GST produces explosive simulants and precision standards to ensure consisten...

Cyber Security Support of TSE

GST provides cybersecurity support of Transportation Security Equipment (TSE) through the Security Technology Integrated Program (STIP) program for the TSA.



Advanced Cyber Security

GST support is achieved through the analysis of current cybersecurity solutions and proposing technical solutions related to TSE integration for identifying and mitigating potential cybersecurity risks. GST makes recommendations for improvements to the technical design and implementation efforts to further support a robust, sustainable IT security posture.

  • Performing SAA tasks in accordance with NIST Risk Management Framework.
  • Conducting security vulnerability assessments.
  • Validating security posture compliance of Unix/Unix variant and Microsoft COTS operating systems (Windows 10, Server 2012/Server 2016).
  • Testing/validating classified threat identification/matching algorithms.
Cyber Security Support of TSE