Press Release

GST Awarded $9.7 million US Navy Contract

(YARDLEY, PA April 19, 2006) Global Systems Technologies Inc. (GST) has been awarded a $9.7 million, 5-year contract to serve as the prime contractor to provide programming, data analysis, and data facility management support to the US Navy’s MEASURE (Metrology System for Uniform Recall and Reporting) Program.

GST employees in Norfolk, Virginia and San Diego, California will support the MEASURE program in maintenance scheduling and worldwide tracking of approximately 1.7 million items of test, measuring, and diagnostic equipment belonging to NAVAIR and NAVSEA.

According to Achintya Bhattacharjee, President of GST: “We are very pleased with this win, because this is the first contract under our recently awarded very large SeaPort-e IDIQ contract for the support of nationwide programs under the US Navy. This will allow us to develop & maintain a special niche area in NAVAIR & NAVSEA Programs.”

GST, a recognized leader in Aviation Security, has also been supporting the Homeland Security’s Transportation Security R&D Lab at the W.J. Hughes Technical Center, Atlantic City, NJ for over fifteen years. GST supports the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in the certification testing of Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) equipment and the development-stage testing and evaluation of next-generation passenger screening portals. GST also manufactures threat-recognition training aids for Air Marshals and Airport Screeners. For the FAA, GST provides testing and evaluation of all new systems entering the Air Traffic Control Modernization program.

Overseas, GST India does Software development of ERP & Healthcare products and provides high-level IT Training. Mr. Bhattacharjee observes that: “While we have enjoyed success in Government contracts for the last 19 years and work in several key programs for FAA, TSA, and US NAVY, I now see equal or more opportunity in IT sectors in India where our growth rate has been exponential for the last 2 years. ”