At the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL), GST has operated the Information Control Center (ICC) that supports 170 on-site users with hardware, software and network services for over 15 years. GST coordinated, planned and implemented an information strategy that centralizes TSL’s files and applications, and created a network infrastructure that localizes information storage. This architecture allows hands-on management and responsibility for mission-critical information.

GST provides hardware/software support, upgrade, repair and refurbishing of TSL hardware, software, and peripherals. We conducted planning for acquisition and installation of new IT equipment and secure video conferencing hardware/software. The ICC also provides local network management, minimizing any interruption to e-mail communication or internet services.

GST designs and develops web-based applications and databases at the TSL, utilizing Visual Basic and SQL Server. Our ICC team has been responsible for the development and maintenance of the TSL internet and intranet web pages. GST also develops, updates, uploads and maintains TSL outreach web pages on a variety of DHSNet enabled sites

GST’s ICC staff has worked closely with the TSL’s Business Office to create their SharePoint environment. Exploiting the full range of SharePoint capabilities we created a project management interface, a deliverables tracking interface, sites for individual technical groups, and easy-to-navigate repositories of TSL standard forms, management directives, SOPs, and other process documents.


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