GST recognizes that effective contract performance depends on how well those efforts are managed. Our management approach provides well-defined tasks and assures widespread management visibility for performance measurement and cost/schedule control. Our management policies are periodically updated with “lessons learned” from experience in our various programs.

GST has managed four cost-plus fixed fee contracts with the DHS and FAA at the TSL, two with the US Navy, T&M and fixed price contracts with various agencies. In almost all cases, the contracts involved serving a broad community of stakeholders and funding sources in addition to the nominal customer. All these were 5-year contracts with multiple task orders.

As prime contractor on two current contracts with the DHS’ Office of Science & Technology and the TSA, GST has demonstrated its capability to deliver exceptional support across a broad spectrum of technical disciplines. GST has also shown its capability to efficiently interrelate with DHS management, various Government research facilities and security organizations, equipment vendors, as well as the broad array of stakeholders in the transport security community.

GST has received numerous praises for crisis response, technological revolution, public relations and for generally “walking the extra mile” in supporting our clients and the mission.

Since 1996, GST provided Metrology support to Naval Air (NAVAIR), other Systems Commands, Type Commanders, Aircraft Controlling Custodians and other DoD activities worldwide. Under the direction and guidance of NAVAIR, GST manages the operations of the two MEASURE Operational Control Centres (MOCCs), located in San Diego and Norfolk, providing MEASURE access to Fleet customers and laboratories via automated database update procedures. The MEASURE Automated Information System (AIS) is used by the Metrology Program in direct support of the fleet calibration program.