Rise Above

ERPGovCloud is your opportunity to rise above over-priced old technology,
or the clutter and inconvenience of spreadsheets and mismatched applications.

We see a surprising number of quite sizable companies still spending hours and consulting dollars trying to force QuickBooks and a combination of add-on products into DCAA compliance.     As your operations become bigger and more involved, this becomes prohibitive.

ERPGovCLOUD is purpose-built to support the compliance and management information needs of Government contractors.  The secret is end-to-end integration.    As you set up a contract, the system automatically creates the cost ledgers used in timekeeping and expense collection.  These then drive your timesheets, payroll service, bill paying, rate calculation, reporting, and invoice generation – on the standard Government forms.

This gets your invoices out faster and with minimum opportunity for error.

Call us to see what ERPGovCLOUD can do for you.   215 579-5710


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