At the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Transportation Security Laboratory (TSL), GST manages the complete technical report production and publication flow, the document indexing and storage processes, and other services related to the production of documents, outreach materials, presentations materials and graphics/photography support. As the focal point for all documents, GST provides technical editing services to ensure that all documents are properly prepared and conform to DHS standard formatting. GST’s experienced technical editor ensures that reports are understandable and clearly communicate key findings and recommendations. GST has periodically conducted writing seminars to give laboratory staff guidance in fundamentals of good technical writing as well as tips on how to work effectively with DHS and TSL styles and templates.

GST provides literature surveys and editorial assistance for technical reports and conference proceedings, and assists the TSL with GAO and congressional requests for information. Through GST’s involvement in Information Systems, data modeling and program documentation procedures have been developed and instituted to support technical project life cycles.

GST also provides full library services to the TSL. Utilizing advanced web-based document management software and tools, GST catalogs and stores volumes of reports, documents, books and periodicals for use by the TSL and the entire DHS. GST performs extensive document and data searches, bringing key information and knowledge into the TSL. GST regularly acquires references for customers and provides group and one-on-one overviews of online literature and databases. GST maintains select online journal subscriptions and interacts with other DHS libraries to acquire sources in a rapid and cost-efficient manner.

GST has helped TSL develop and update document review and approval processes, and tracks documents through to the finalization stage. In addition, GST has produced guidance documents on proper technical report preparation and the document approval process.

GST’s Information Control Center (ICC) staff are the primary points of contact for dissemination of title lists, annotated bibliographies, annual inventories and distribution of reports to customers and stakeholders. Our personnel produce a periodic “recent reports from TSL” alerting service, distributed to a select list of interested parties within DHS and other government agencies.

GST ICC staff have developed the content of assorted brochures, flyers, handouts, view books and other outreach materials, providing camera-ready graphic layout and coordinated printing. Additionally, the ICC supports the generation of material for training, briefings, seminars, symposiums and exhibits.