image027GST is a SeaPort-e contractor with over 15 years’ experience supporting NAVSEA and NAVAIR in logistics, information technology and systems design.

GST operated and maintained the system that managed all calibrateable support equipment in the Fleet. During the course of the program, GST personnel recalled and scheduled over 1.8 million assets, serving over 2,500 Ashore and Afloat customers (ships, bases, etc.) worldwide.

GST also operated the Navy’s MEASURE Operational Control Centers at NAS Norfolk and NAS North Island, provided monthly training and online user support, analyzed and planned calibration facility workloads. We maintained, repaired and updated the site IT systems, tested prospective new software releases, developed calibration resource budget inputs, and maintained links to other key Fleet databases. GST generated reliability and calibration interval data, documented measurement traceability to NIST, and compiled readiness data for individual Fleet units and Battle Groups.

GST additionally designed, integrated and built the Integrated Launch Along with Recovery Television Surveillance System Data Generator (ILARTS). We also provided system integration and software/application development to specify, design and build a prototype suite of computer based data generation equipment. The solution was based on commercially available ruggedized industrial chassis and commercially available processing boards. Prototypes were tested and accepted by NAWC-AD, after which we delivered additional equipment sets to all of the active aircraft carrier fleet.